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So Much to Try at 4 Sisters!

$10.00 minimum for Credit Cards

Good Food in a Relaxed Setting

Cheese & Meat Plate $20 ……FG CRACKERS ADD $1
Variety of meat, cheese, pretzels, almonds, pepper jelly, crackers

4 Sisters Pepper Jelly over Cream Cheese with Lavash Cracker Bread $6

Soft Pretzels w/beer cheese dip (2) $5

Nachos $11
Lettuce, tomato, onions, cheddar cheese, soft white cheese, homemade chips, carnitas meat, topped w/ taco sour cream

Sisters Special Blend Pretzels $5

Marcona Almonds $6

Burgers & Fries $13
4th Street Burger (Deep Fried Cheese Burger w onion & pickles)
Add pepper jack cheese .50, Add jalapenos .50, GL BREAD ADD $1

Bacon Cheeseburger $10
(lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, sista sassy sauce)
Side of Sista Sassy Sauce $1

Fries $5

Homemade Cheese Bombs w/Sista Sassy Sauce $9

Fried Shots …tequila…cherry vodka…Irish cream (pick your poison) $5

Pizzas (choose your toppings) w/ 2 toppings $12
(Add toppings .75 each) Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, green olives, mixed pepper, mushrooms

Margarita Pizza $12

When we have catering commitments only a limited menu will be available.  Ask your bartender

*Consuming oysters, nuts, and raw or undercooked meat and seafood may be harmful to your health.  All beef will be cooked well unless otherwise specified.


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Beer Selection

We hope you enjoy our selection of local and imported beers. Remember…in Heaven there’s no beer – that’s why we drink it here.


16 oz $3.50

20 oz $4.50



Domestic Bottle

Bud Light $3
Miller Lite / Miller 64 $3
O’Doul’s NA $3
Pabst $3

Specialty Bottle 

Hacker- Pschorr $4
Leinenkugel’s /Seasonal $4
Corona $4
Corona Light $4
Stella Artois $4
Stella Artois Cider  $4
El Hefe Pearl Street  $4
Java Lava Pearl Street $4
Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale  $4
Cider Boys 1st Press $4


Spirits are 3 oz. pours
(all rails) upgrade to premium add $1French 75 $6
Gimlet $5
Long Island $6
Manhattan $6
White Russian $5
Pink Lady $6
Lemon Drop Martini $6
Cosmopolitan $5
White Stiletto Martini $6
Dirty Martini w/bleu cheese olives $6
Old Fashioned $6
Margarita $5
Moscow Mule $5
Mojito $5
Bloody Mary $6
Prosecco $5
Brut $5



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